Paving Accessories

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Powder Mortar Tone

Powder Mortar Tone is formulated from best quality oxide pigments for permanently colouring all types of mortars, rendering, concrete and pointing.

Moss and Mould Remover

Moss & Mould Remover is a powerful, fungicidal wash for the removal of moss, lichens, fungi and algae on all mineral surfaces.

Geo-fix Paving Jointing Compound

Ready to use formula - simply brush into joints. Stops weeds, will not crack or wash out.

Natural Stone Sealer

Everbuild Natural Stone Sealer is a clear non-hazardous solution.

Path and Patio Seal

Path & Patio Seal is a solvent free acrylic coating used to seal and protect patios, paths, natural stone, concrete.


A high performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration.


Slablayer can be used under most types of patio slabs to provide a level surface.

Brick And Patio Cleaner

BriA fast acting acid based formula that dissolves mortar and cement stains and ingrained dirt and paint on most mineral surfaces.