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Wall Starter Kits

Wall Starter Kits are a simple yet effective system for tying new masonry walls to existing walls.

Expansion Joint Tie

Expansion joint tie's come in sizes 200mm long and 300mm long.

Wall Ties And Restraint Fixings

These wall ties act to secure two leaves of cavity wall to each other, allowing them to act as one structure.

Frame Cramp

A range of frame cramps in various sizes.

Polyethylene Damp Proof Course

Polyethylene Damp Proof Course (DPC) is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick and block work from external sources.

Cavity Closers

A Cavity Closers offers an economical solution to closing the cavity at window and door reveals while also solving cold bridging problems.

Damp Proof Membrane

Damp Proof Membrane is a blown film of extruded low-density polyethylene suitable for use in concrete floors.


Quick and easy to use Bluebird Screwties, ties in walls without toothing.


Hydralime is used to improve the plasticity, cohesiveness and water retention of Portland cement mortars and renders.


Mastercrete is a quality assured cement with independent third party certification and carries a CE Mark.